I uploaded all of my pictures of the St Thomas Church parish house burn to Shutterfly.com.  The church website wouldn't let me upload that many pictures without starting to pay a monthly fee.  I will add a link from the church website to the Shutterfly site.

  If anyone wants a copy of the video on a DVD, let me know and I can make you  a copy now.  I am going to charge $5.00 to cover cost of DVD, time and postage to send it to you.  If there are certain pictures that you would like on a CD , let me know the image numbers and I can burn that for you too,  or if you want all of them, send me a flash drive, at least 4gb, and I can put them all on there for you. Make sure and give me your full address.

Send to:

Marie Retka

St Thomas Church Video

25331 296 ST

Le Sueur  MN  56058

Feel free to forward this information to anyone that would like to see these.  

Here is what you will have to do to see these pictures:

To Access Pictures Marie Retka has Taken 

Go to: shutterfly.com

Go to "sign in" or "sign up"—you must have an account with Shutterfly—if you don’t have one, please sign up for one. Sign in to your account.

Go to this link: https://stthomascatholicchurch.shutterfly.com

Once there you can ask for permission to join my site. I will get an email and I will confirm that you are authorized to use the site.

Once I authorize you, you can go on your account on Shutterfly, and click on the "St Thomas Catholic Church" under “My Share sites”, on the main page, or you can use the link shown above (type it in or click on the link" to go directly to it and sign in). From there you should be able to see and order pictures if you want to.  

Call Marie Retka if there are any questions or if you are having problems: 507-665-6859

Or email me at: retkids@hotmail.com

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