On Saturday, January 15th, 2011, after 128 years, The St. Thomas Family celebrated it's last regular weekend mass. Our extended family gathered for this last, final picture in front of the alter with our priest, Father Dave Barrett. The church was full of parishoners, past and present, (our ancestors watched on with tears) and supporting members from other parishes. The Sound of St. Thomas was present in the gallery singing some of our favorites like Lady of Knock  and When Irish Eyes are smiling. It's funny how in the 39 years I have attended church at St. Thomas, members of the Choir have come and gone, but they still had their same angelic sound. As we walked out of church together, I heard some people planning a St. Thomas reunion, so stay tuned tuned, we're not finished yet!

They may have closed our doors, and we may have scattered to other churches, but we all remain St. Thomas Family. So the next time you drive through, toot your horn, one of us might hear it!

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